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    t  the end of the 80’s some young people, most of them students of the local universtiy, entered for the first time in the basement of an old theatre in the centre of the city of Bologna, property of the local municipality. The place was under recostruction, but works have been stopped years before. Once inside, the young squatters organized an open laboratory for everyone who wanted to produce and realize any sort of art meeting or performances, concerts or parties, exhibition, and dee-jay and video live-set. Among old construction tubes, old televisions  and graffiti walls, the also bild a bar. And drinks were really cheap. Using any kind of recilcle stuff taken from the street they created modern sculptures and organized their first exhibition. The place took the name of  Isola Nel Kantiere INK (The Island in the erecting yard) and it was the first squatt in town. In the following three years the group of the island  produced several art events, film festival, sponsored new bands and music concerts open political discussions on the street organized demeostration and exhibition against the first gulf war.  It was the beginning of the no-global movement. The INK  became the main site for the intellectual alternative scene in the city of the “Alma Mater Studiorum". Still now people remember those times as the  beginning of a new age, the first step towards a new concept of communication in arts, different from any other realities.  During spring1991, just before the closing down by police, the INK project hosted the 3D convention, the first web-meeting in Italy. Bologna became an open laboratory for those who wanted to improve their own knowledge troughout a simple concept: self-production.

The local administration definetely ricognized the artistic value of this new young production out of the usual artistic and cultural circuit. Istitutions started to sponsor some logistical supplies for the young artist.

B42K is the story of a generation






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