Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with an estimated population of 170 million people. Previously a british colony, Nigeria conquered its independence in 1960. Agriculture has been the main activity for centuries, until the vast wealth of oil resources held in deep reservers underneath Nigeria’s soil was discovered in 1956 and became the county’s main product, representing now the 95% of Nigeria’s export. In the last 50 years the control of the vast richness produced by oil and gas brought systematic violence, corruption and mismanagement to the country.

An acceptable standard of living is a still a dream for the majority of the people in Nigeria. The richness of the country does not produce any real benefit for the poor communities, increasing instead serious damages in terms of pollution.

In these last 50 years civil wars, kleptocracy regimes and an irresponsible lack of distribution of oil wealth, brought the people of the oil river to live under a constant twilight, in between the darkness of the present disaster and the light of a clean future.

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